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New Service to Help Firms Reduce Risk of Internet Marketing

Jazar Dezign has introduced an Internet marketing services package that well exceeds traditional search engine optimization. The purpose is to increase returns on investment for developing companies. As a benefit to the business community, Jazar Dezign provides a comprehensive yet affordable e-marketing package with professional tools that, when offered as stand alones by other agencies, can be more costly than Jazar Dezign’s total program. The services include: search engine optimization, contextual ad management, content creation, and ROI reporting. Brant Kelsey of BRANT KELSEY DESIGN, LLC. states, “Jazar Dezign Marketing Firm has taken the time necessary in customizing unique campaigns for clients' unique situations”.

Jazar Dezign’s approach involves a precise methodology. First, the client’s market is analyzed in order to generate the most advantageous keywords and phrases based on targeted buyers’ behaviors. Next, with their professional copywriter staff, keyword specialists, and optimization staff working together, the team optimize the client’s site accordingly and initiate the marketing process.

“This is a critical point at which many other firms simply stop, leaving their clients with a solution that works for only a limited time,” says Jeff Beale, owner and team leader. “We, however, realize that all markets change, so we continue to evolve the program during our one-year contract period to ensure ongoing success.”

The cost of retaining Jazar Dezign for one full year falls far below in-house salaries, or even big agency fees, required to accomplish the job. Functioning as the marketing arm for clients, Jazar Dezign provides integrated marketing strategies to satisfy defined company goals.

Jazar Dezign fosters long-term relationships by helping companies achieve bottom-line results with results-oriented websites combined with practical strategic and tactical marketing. A case in point is, an online security conference site that displayed no ranking regarding information security events. With Jazar Dezign’s trade process, now ranks in the top 10 with Google for multiple relevant terms such as email security conference, virus protection conference, and intrusion prevention conference. Additionally, thanks to Jazar Dezign, has maintained its top 10 ranking for over 18 months.

Source: PRWEB

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Internet marketing and SEO Services - Giri and Company

I had very bad experience from many SEO and Internet Marketing companies. Finally I came to Vayam Consulting Services. I do not have words to describe the quality of the services I received from Vayam. I want to share my experience what I got from Vayam. I never saw result on Google organic which anybody can do within five minutes while I was talking with them and my website came on Google first page and first rank. And special point I noticed, they don't afraid to share the way they did and also provide me few tips which is very helpful for my business. I want to recommend everybody try to VAYAM CS at least once. I am sure after that you don't need to hire anybody else. AMAR NATH GIRI Legal Consultant Delhi New Delhi, India  

Web design and development and marketing- Ankush

I am very much pleased with the outcome of my website designed by Vayam Consulting Services. Vayam Consulting Services is very efficient, trustworthy, dependable and reliable which stretched a very good response of my business. I am sincerely thankful to Vayam Consulting Services who has done a great deal of improvement in my business sharply by marketing my website. As a satisfied customer I would recommend Vayam Consulting Services to all who requires web designing as well as marketing Ankush Puri Owner P & G FASHIONS ( Online Saree shops in London, UK

Web design, development and programming -Jazar Dezign

I rely on vayaM CS to accomplish every aspect of my web design, development and programming needs. I always know that vayaM CS will deliver a clear competitive advantage to any web business of any size within any arena by presenting options that make sense from every strategic perspective. vayaM CS cares about my time, my money and my reputation, and that's why I whole heartedly entrust my web business and refer my clients to vayaM CS   Jeff Beale, CEO, Jazar Dezign Marketing Firm, Georgia, USA


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