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Research and Training   
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Research and Training Program  web

vayaM Research Programs Web Research

Our research centre located in Delhi provide us time to time update about technology and trend changes. We are always welcome to creative and innovative people who want to part of our research team.

Fresh Training Programs web development

Our training centre is responsible to provide us talent required for vayaM CS and associated other companies. We have wide range of training programs some of free and some paid. We always looking for  fresh talent.

Corporate Training Programs Corporate training

We have various corporate training programs and modules.  If you need a one day onsite training session for your front-office staff or you need consulting and training for a major organizational development project our Corporate Training can help. With our office in New Delhi, India. We provide comprehensive training and business consulting services organizations.

We have designed our corporate training program to provide you as much as quality training possible and we are passionate about this.

Training Services:

  • Onsite Training - our consultant will reach you. Available only in Delhi/NCR
  • Offsite Training - your staff needs to come at our training centre. Available only in Delhi/NCR
  • Online Training - remotely we will provide all the training from our end to your end staff. Available world wide.

For more detail please send a query to us.
Click here Contact our New Delhi, India office.

Research Program | Corporate Training | Fresh Training Program


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